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Author: Prawn
Date: 2022-06-28 17:30:00

v0.1.1: Kupferbootstrap Documentation

Hi there, another update!

Today we're celebrating kupfer v0.1.1, a somewhat minor update!

Also a new team member is made official! 🥳

I have done a minor update to the website.

Kupfer v0.1.1#

We tagged v0.1.1 of kupfer with a minor fix for the kupferbootstrap packages check PKGBUILD format checker, built generated html documentation for kupferbootstrap and added some small new packages to our PKGBUILDs!


kupferbootstrap v0.1.1


pkgbuilds v0.1.1

(thanks to Syboxez for contributing practically all of these!)


qbootctl is a cool new postmarketOS-ish development that allows boot slots on Qualcomm Android devices with A/B boot slots to be marked as booted successfully, preventing unpleasant situations (both slots marked unbootable) on the Oneplus 6[t].

It is now available in our repos, so it can be installed with pacman and enabled with systemctl as usual.

It'll be added to the appropiate device packages in the device- and flavor-packages revamp in v0.2.0!

Maybe don't try this on a device that's not a qcom A/B device, mhmk?


I've made Syboxez officially a package maintainer in kupfer. He's been providing incredible help by contributing updates to PKGBUILDs and ports from our bigger sibbling distros.

We're currently working on getting FDE-unlocking working after building an initramfs shim to circumvent size restrictions in boot.img (is your head spinning yet?). Stay tuned!


definitely in v0.2.0#

  1. rework devices and flavors in kupferbootstrap and PKGBUILDs
  2. related to 1: store which services to enable without becoming Debian (TBD)

probably in v0.2.0#

Plans for v1.0.0 (longer-term goals)#

As usual, I probably forgot half the things I wanted to mention and/or link to, but c'est la vie.

Until next time!

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