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Author: Prawn
Date: 2023-04-25

v0.2.0-rc2: Repo Configs and voice calls!

Hello people of the internetz,

I've merged a bunch of work into Kupferbootstrap and PKGBUILDs dev as v0.2.0-rc2!

If you're on dev and have missed the rc0 release, please go read up on the migration instructions.
The instructions for existing installations have been updated to utilize kupfer-config --user apply, but more on that later.

What's new in v0.2-rc2#

I think the biggest ticket item in this update will be the voice call support for SDM845.

A few quick notes on voice calls#

  1. To use voice calls after upgrading your packages, make sure you've run kupfer-config --user apply first and rebooted. Note the --user!
  2. If your audio breaks, try this little script. Do not skip steps, do not pass "go", do not collect $200.
    rm -rf ~/.config/pulse
    sudo systemctl stop alsa-restore
    sudo rm /var/lib/alsa/asound.state
    sudo reboot
    Thanks to Phosh's Guido for pointing me to this workaround!
  3. Symptoms of the currently known SDM845 audio breakage:

    • Audio settings shows only earpiece, no speaker. Earpiece works though
    • Microphone doesn't work
    • No audio profile dropdown in settings (shows HiFi and Voicecall usually)

    This is due to pulseaudio failing to load the HiFi.conf UCM config due to allegedly missing devices.
    No, switching to pipewire doesn't fix this.
    pmOS is unaffected by this for unknown reasons.
    The alsa-restore service seems to be involved, but disabling it doesn't always stop the problem from happening, it becomes rare though. We're shipping a config to neuter the service until this is diagnosed and fixed.


Kupferbootstrap v0.2.0-rc2


PKGBUILDs v0.2.0-rc2

+ a bunch more updates from Syboxez as usual!

Coming up:#