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Author: Syboxez
Date: 2023-06-27

v0.2.0-rc3: fastboot flashing, Plasma Mobile, abootimg rename

Hello mobile GNU/Linux enthusiasts

We are getting closer to a stable 0.2 release after 7 months of anticipation!

Prawn has merged some useful changes into Kupferbootstrap and PKGBUILDs dev as v0.2.0-rc3!

If you're on dev and have missed the rc0 release, please go read up on the migration instructions.
The instructions for existing installations have been updated to utilize kupfer-config --user apply, but more on that later.

What's new in v0.2-rc3#

A quick note on using kupferbootstrap image#

We renamed rootfs -> full and aboot -> abootimg. When using kupferbootstrap image, ensure that the new arguments are being used.


Kupferbootstrap v0.2.0-rc3


PKGBUILDs v0.2.0-rc3

Coming up in 0.3#

We hope that this will be the last 0.2 release candidate; if nothing groundbreaking comes up in the next two weeks or so, we'll tag v0.2 stable, merge it to main and start working on v0.3rc1 in dev.

0.3 Goals:#